Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upcycled Accessories from Valley of the Doll

I adore Valley of the Doll's "Positively Green with Absinthe" sterling silver pendant necklace! A mini padlock, faux bottle of absinthe, and spoon dangle from a silver pendant with a resin-filled bezel adorned with the word "Absinthe." The necklace's chain has an antique brass skeleton key at the end as a decorative touch. The necklace is for sale on Etsy for $42 (

Valley of the Doll's "Lure of the White Rabbit" reworked Monet choker is both cute and classy. The darling white rabbit was found in a thrift store, adopted, and attached to a faux pearl cabochon and a spiral link vintage Monet choker. She's available for $22 here:

I was also drawn to the "Under Lock and Key" evening bag, which is up for sale for $32. Click here: The previously undecorated vintage evening bag was found in a thrift shop and embellished with a vintage doll head, a swivel clasp, antique key, and an old brass tag. Upcycling can really liven up plain items!

The "Lucky 13" vintage sequined and beaded evening bag has been decorated with a chain, faux pearls, typewriter letters that spell out "lucky", and an antique optical lens that has the number 13 on one side and an image of a cat on the other. This magnificent bag is for sale for $37 here:

As you can see, Valley of the Doll is full of wonderful unique items! Visit to see everything the shop has to offer.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I love hearing about what other upcyclers are doing and the overall message on recycling....keep writing :D


  2. You're welcome! There will be plenty more on upcycling in the future. I really love featuring upcycled items. :)