Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GreenAnswers Blog

I recently blogged about clothing and accessories for GreenAnswers, which is an online social community that promotes learning and sharing knowledge about environmental issues. The title of my blog post is "5 Most Interesting Questions About Clothing and Accessories on GreenAnswers." Here is the URL:

I encourage you to check out the site and join. It's a great site!

Recycled Vinyl Bangles

These versatile eco-friendly bangles are made out of vintage black vinyl records, and are only $2.99 each. You can purchase them from Red Hot Dan here:

Red Hot Dan also has thicker bangles for sell for $7.99 listed here: The bangles are great for both men and women.

Be sure to check out Red Hot Dan's entire store, which can be found here: She offers all kinds of fantastic items made out of recycled materials.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shoes from OldBaltimoreVintage

These classy size 9 vintage black patent heels are from the 1960's and still in excellent condition. The uppers aren't made out of actual leather, but they definitely look like it. OldBaltimoreVintage is selling the shoes on Etsy for $30. See the listing for more details, including measurements:

These basic black pointy toe flats from the 1980's will go with just about anything. They're labeled size 7.5 (Women's)/Euro size 38, and available here for $14:

These 1980's vintage black suede ankle booties look really comfortable. I'm definitely a fan of the zippers and brass buckles. The booties are size 7 (Women's) and are available here for $32:

I adore these 1980's vintage Nine West brown leather lace-up boots with stacked heels and gold metal eyelets. They're labeled Women's size 8.5/Euro 38.5 and available here for $28:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Upcycled Clothing by GossamerHolloWear

GossamerHolloWear is selling this versatile and stylish ensemble called the "Safety Pinup" ensemble for $35 on Etsy. Click here for the listing: The first piece of the ensemble is a white shirt with black polka dots (US Women's size Small/Junior's size Large). The shirt has removable safety pins and grommets for easy cleaning and rearranging.

The second piece of the ensemble is a black skirt with white pinstriping and ruffle at the bottom (US Women's size 8). The skirt also has a black patch with sewn-on grommets and red ribbon.

This upcycled jacket named "Victorian Secret" is both elegant and edgy. It comes with an attached cameo necklace and a matching vintage cameo keepsake box. The jacket is a US Women's Small or Junior's Large, and is available here for $17.50:

This gorgeous buttoned shirt named "Midnight Flight" has been decorated with glittering handpainted wings. It's made out of lightweight, stretchy material, and has been labeled One Size Fits Most. The shirt is very versatile and looks great worn as a wrap or with a belt. You can purchase it for $15.95 here:

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacuum Tube Necklace

This amazing vacuum tube necklace is available for $25 on Blingaling's Etsy store. Go here for the listing: I love peering into the vacuum tube - it looks like its own little world inside. Blingaling also sells other items made out of recycled materials.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Upcycled Jewelry - Today's Theme: Eyes

Husband and wife team CLAMORED is selling this pendant titled "The Eye" from their RECYCLEry line for $5 on Etsy ( The pendant was made with Plexiglas and salvaged paper clippings and sealed with a non-toxic varnish. CLAMORED also has over 160 high quality items for sale on Etsy that were made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

These incredible earrings with doll eyes, white dangling feathers, antique scroll patterned metal, and bezels made from aluminum soda cans are available for sale for $19 in fancifuldevices's Etsy store. Click here to see the listing: There are over 60 other beautiful and unique items for sale in fancifuldevices's store as well. Like these earrings, many of the items for sale in the shop include soda can aluminum.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Eclectic Mix of Accessories

This vintage skeleton key necklace with antiqued brass mechanical bat wings and hourglass charm is absolutely gorgeous! The wings flutter while you wear it, which makes this lovely necklace even more interesting. COGnitive Creations is selling the necklace for $75 on Etsy. Go here for more information: There are over 150 other beautiful works of art for sale on COGnitive Creations's Etsy store too.

Add ImageThis stunning necklace named "The Keeper" is both elegant and nostalgic. Three different eras are brought together in this piece - the art deco pocket watch in the center is from the 1940's, the smoky chandelier prism is from the 1920's, and the skeleton keys are from the Victorian era. The necklace is available for $86 on Etsy at the Opulent Oddities store. Click here: Opulent Oddities also has over 100 other items for sale, so I recommend browsing around the store.

This lovely Steampunk pocket watch necklace is available for $34 on Etsy at Stars Dreams and Jewels's store. The pocket watch case is filled with watch gears, wheels, and vintage watch part tidbits encased in resin. Go here for the listing: Stars Dreams and Jewels also has almost 100 other items for sale. Jeanne, the artist/seller, often reuses packaging materials to help the environment and to lower shipping costs to customers.

TheSnag is selling flower hair pins on Etsy for $7. Go here for one of the listings: Each flower pin is made from 100% recycled bicycle innertube and chain links! TheSnag also has many other items made from recycled materials available on Etsy, so I recommend browsing around. Also, visit their new Etsy store, TheInnerWorks ( I love the eco cuffs and these earrings:

This captivating pendant featuring an eye peering through an old-fashioned keyhole is made out of a bottle cap, and is available for purchase on Pir8t's Etsy store for $8. Go here for the Etsy listing: Randi, the artist, creates many of her pendants using recycled (and some new) bottle caps, her own drawings, images from magazines and collages, and miscellaneous materials. She also has over 100 other items for sale on Etsy and her own website ( where you can also purchase items.

This necklace features a pendant made out of olive green glass from a broken reclaimed soda bottle from the late 1800's. It's available for $64 on Etsy at the Bottled Up Designs store. Click here for the listing: Artist Laura Bergman reclaims antique glass and bottles from the woods and rural farmland for the sake of the environment and wildlife. In addition to this necklace, she has plenty of other beautiful items for sale on Etsy.

This darling ring features two vintage buttons, one clear and one blue. Creative Castaways is selling the ring for only $6.50 (including shipping) on Etsy. Go here for more info: Creative Castaways has over 90 other items for sale as well. Many of the items are under $10.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solerawear's Curtain Skirt

Solerawear's black cotton poplin curtain skirt is very versatile - you can wear it as part of a Steampunk, cyber goth, gothic, Victorian, pirate, post apocalyptic outfit, or other themes of your choosing. You can give the skirt different looks by adjusting the straps and silver D rings. Cotton poplin is an excellent fabric because it's soft, breathable, and durable. Size Small and Large are currently available (measurements are included in the listings). Each skirt is $60. Click here for the size Small listing: or here for size Large: The skirt is also available in white in size Small here:

Solerawear has other interesting items for sale on Etsy too. Click here for a link to their store:

The company is currently on tour in Oregon! You can find them at Emerg N See, Mystic Garden Party, and Faerieworlds.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Items from OldBaltimoreVintage

OldBaltimoreVintage is selling this vintage 1960's turquoise leather clutch for $16 on Etsy. The color is very vibrant, and the condition of the clutch is excellent. Go here for the listing:

This size 12/14 shirtdress with a houndstooth-like plaid pattern was made in the late 70's or early '80s. The garment is still in excellent condition, and is available for $48. More information and measurements are available here:

These vintage 1980's black canvas skimmer flats are great for summer and in great condition. They may have been worn only once. The skimmers are $14 and are marked size 7 (Ladies). Click here for the listing:

These stylish vintage 1980's black patent leather heels with half-moon shaped cut-outs are available for $12. They are marked size 7 (Ladies), but fit like size 6.5. Click here for more information:

Also, Jenny from OldBaltimoreVintage recently informed me about, a vintage auction site, which has plenty of interesting items to choose from. Thanks again, Jenny!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Findings from the Moss Landing Antique Fair

Here are photos of the items I found at the antique fair as requested. The pictures aren't of the greatest quality, but these photos will give you an idea of what the watches, purse, and pendant look like. The purse is beaded and has pretty black flowers. It's missing its chain, so I am planning to add one to it eventually. I'm also planning to add chains to two of the watches, and I'm still figuring out what I am going to do with the third one. I may use it for parts or I might turn it into some sort of decorative piece. Even though I'm still deciding on what to do with the items, I'm pleased with them and can't wait until I figure something out for all of them. These are just some examples of neat things you can find at antique fairs and in vintage or antique shops.

Moss Landing Antique Fair

I went to the Moss Landing Antique Street Fair in Monterey County, California yesterday. The fair was huge, so I didn't get to see everything, but it was interesting to see so many antiques and collectibles. Before I got there, I wasn't sure how affordable things would be, but not everything was out of my price range. I ended up purchasing an antique pendant, purse, and three vintage pocket watches for great prices.

Prices vary, so it's always good to compare prices before buying unless you already know the value of an item and are sure that you have spotted a good deal. I suggest reading up on the kinds of items you have in mind to get an idea of what you can expect to pay before going to a fair, otherwise it may be difficult to know if the vendor is asking for too high of a price. Then again, you don't want to waver too much while at the fair because by the time you come back for an item, it could be gone! It's also possible to talk some of the vendors into cutting you a better deal. And this may seem obvious to those of you who have been to street fairs before, but make sure you have cash if you plan to buy anything, and don't forget the hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes.

The fair has hundreds of booths plus some permanent antique shops, so I recommend it if you are ever able to go. It's held the last Sunday in July annually. Here's a link if you're interested:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fabulous Finds from Sustainable Wearable Art

This beautiful 1960's vintage dress was made by Jean of California and designed by Sydney North. The lace gives the dress a very elegant look. It's available at Sustainable Wearable Art's store on Etsy for $89.99 (includes shipping). Click here: Measurements are included in the listing.

This gorgeous navy blue pill box hat is for sale for $49.99 (includes shipping). Its circumference is 21 inches, the exterior is navy blue velvet, and the inside is lined with royal blue satin. Click here:

This 1940's black and chocolate colored hat was custom made by Laddie Northridge in New York. It's available here for $59.99 (includes shipping): I love hats with veils!

This 3/4 length vintage coat is a lovely shade of green, and available for $39.99 including shipping here: It's size M-L (Ladies). See the Etsy listing for more photos.

Add these sheer white gloves to an outfit for a dainty touch. They're listed as size XS-S, and are available here for $9.99 (includes shipping):

Sustainable Wearable Art has many more vintage items for sale along with handmade jewelry. If you'd like to be eco-friendly and still have fun with your wardrobe, definitely browse around!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Goth and Steampunk Apparel

This beautiful vintage Richard Warren jacket from the 1980's has puffed shoulders and buttons down the entire front. The jacket is labeled size 8 (Ladies), and measurements are also included in the Etsy listing. A Very Bad Whale is selling the jacket for $20 here:

This elegant yet daring upcycled Steampunk skirt features ruffles, gold vintage buttons, and distressed black and brown striped bows. It fits ladies' sizes M-XL (see the listing for measurements). Black Orchid Designs is selling the skirt for $55 on Etsy. Click here for the listing:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upcycled Accessories from Valley of the Doll

I adore Valley of the Doll's "Positively Green with Absinthe" sterling silver pendant necklace! A mini padlock, faux bottle of absinthe, and spoon dangle from a silver pendant with a resin-filled bezel adorned with the word "Absinthe." The necklace's chain has an antique brass skeleton key at the end as a decorative touch. The necklace is for sale on Etsy for $42 (

Valley of the Doll's "Lure of the White Rabbit" reworked Monet choker is both cute and classy. The darling white rabbit was found in a thrift store, adopted, and attached to a faux pearl cabochon and a spiral link vintage Monet choker. She's available for $22 here:

I was also drawn to the "Under Lock and Key" evening bag, which is up for sale for $32. Click here: The previously undecorated vintage evening bag was found in a thrift shop and embellished with a vintage doll head, a swivel clasp, antique key, and an old brass tag. Upcycling can really liven up plain items!

The "Lucky 13" vintage sequined and beaded evening bag has been decorated with a chain, faux pearls, typewriter letters that spell out "lucky", and an antique optical lens that has the number 13 on one side and an image of a cat on the other. This magnificent bag is for sale for $37 here:

As you can see, Valley of the Doll is full of wonderful unique items! Visit to see everything the shop has to offer.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upcycled Beauties and Vintage Delights

This skirt is both upcycled and vintage! It was created from a 1920's dress and has a handkerchief style hem and a ribbon band at the waist. The size listed is M/L. Mary's Baby Girl is selling this stunning revamped skirt for $75 on Etsy ( Mary's Baby Girl also has plenty of other vintage clothing, accessories, collectibles, and more interesting items for sale.

This 1940's vintage bracelet with iridescent glass stones is available at FSO Vintage's Etsy store for $21 ( It's absolutely gorgeous and in excellent condition! The sellers' grandmother was a jewelry and vintage item collector who used to sell at the Brimfield fair in Massachusetts, so they also have other beautiful vintage items for sale.

Hippy Klippy Klop Shop is selling this vintage Victorian Gothic looking ring (size 7.5) on Etsy for $20 ( The green swirled marble looking cabochon is beautiful! Hippy Klippy Klop Shop has more vintage jewelry and clothing along with other items too!

Here's a lovely upcycled jacket that Ta Da Boutique is selling for $38 on Etsy ( I love the black jacquard pattern fabric, braided knotting on the front, and embroidered silver gray chandeliers on the front and back. The size listed is a ladies' Medium (measurements are available in the Etsy listing). Ta Da Boutique also has other upcycled garments for sale, so I recommend browsing around!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shopping for Used Clothing and Accessories: Don't Pass It Up!

Just because an item isn't your size doesn't mean that you have to pass it up. If you love an excellently priced dress or other article of clothing that happens to be the wrong size, you can always take it to an alteration shop if you don't know how to sew.

Wear and tear can give clothing character, but remember that you can have items repaired if they are not in the condition you'd like them to be. Shoes, hats, bags, and jewelry can also be restored, so don't give up hope if you find something that you love that needs some help.

Don't forget that it's never too late to start crafting! Imagine ways in which old things can be put to use whether your ideas are conventional or unconventional. Broken parts can become interesting accessories and assemblage pieces.

Some project ideas:

1) Use scraps from old tattered clothing to create new items, such as shirts, skirts, pants, purses, reusable shopping bags, or anything else you can think of.

2) Decorate old hats, shoes, bags, and belts with broken jewelry pieces.

3) Use parts from broken jewelry (chains, clasps, ring connectors, beads, stones, etc.) to create new jewelry. If you're low on supplies and on a tight budget, look for old jewelry at garage sales.

4) Instead of buying mass-produced artwork, consider making your own art to decorate your home or office with. Attaching old parts to a painted canvas or old piece of furniture can render some extraordinary results. Cutting out words and phrases from old newspapers and magazines can spice up artwork as well. If you want to make sure that people you know won't have the same exact home d├ęcor, making your own is the way to go.

If you're interested in using eco-friendly glue, there's a product out there called Amazing EcoGlue ( I haven't tried it out yet, but it's supposedly as strong as Super Glue.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vintage Lip Service, Upcycled Clothes, and More

This upcycled stonewash "Rock That Denim" skirt (US women's size 10) has been decorated with a Sharpie pen by GossamerHolloWear, and is for sale for $10.50. Check out the Etsy listing to see the Sharpie designs in detail:

This ladies' size 8 jacket with a lovely handpainted gothic cross was made by GossamerHolloWear ( In addition to this jacket and the skirt listed above, she has more one-of-a-kind upcycled items in her store. The prices are excellent, and I love the clothes and accessories! NOTE: This jacket recently sold, but you can view more of her items here:

These black and grey bondage pants from Alter-Eco Clothing's Eco SteamPunk Collection are made out of organic soy-cotton stretch-terry fabric and recycled twill fabric. They're available on Etsy for $120 (, and are ladies' size Small-Medium. Check the Etsy listing for measurements.

This lovely corset tank top shirt is made out of purple organic soy-cotton fabric, recycled blue zebra stretch knit fabric, and recycled black and grey zebra stretch knit fabric. Fabric scraps can really go a long way! Alter-Eco Clothing is selling the corset tank top on Etsy for $45 ( It's size Small-Medium (measurements are included in the listing). Browse around Alter-Eco Clothing's Etsy store for more eco-friendly clothing. You can even request custom orders.

EyeCandi has these darling Doc Martens Mary Janes up for sale for $17. They're a UK size 6/US size 8 (Women's). Click here for info: They're gently used and still in good condition.

funkydarlinvintage is selling these vintage 1980's Justin boots for ladies on Etsy for $78. Go here for the listing: They're size 6.5B, and very stylish.

This is another superb item from funkydarlinvintage. It's a plaid Lip Service mini dress from the 198o's ($36). The dress is labeled as a size Medium (ladies), but funkydarlinvintage has the measurements listed on Etsy if you'd like more details ( ). I own a vintage Lip Service dress similar to this one, and I must say that vintage Lip Service clothes are quality items. The fabric is very durable! funkydarlinvintage also has plenty of other vintage items from the 1920's to the 1980's for sale on Etsy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finds from Old Baltimore Vintage

Old Baltimore Vintage is selling this vintage burgundy red corduroy Nicole Miller dress from the 1980's for $38 on Etsy ( It's 100% cotton and listed as a size 4. See the listing for measurements. I love the collar and buttons.

She's also selling these bright red leather low-heeled shoes (Women's size 9) from the 1980's for $16. Click here: Cute, huh?

I had to post these adorable Capezio's Mary Jane style dance heels. They're size 8 (Women's), and available here for $16: