Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fabulous Finds from Sustainable Wearable Art

This beautiful 1960's vintage dress was made by Jean of California and designed by Sydney North. The lace gives the dress a very elegant look. It's available at Sustainable Wearable Art's store on Etsy for $89.99 (includes shipping). Click here: Measurements are included in the listing.

This gorgeous navy blue pill box hat is for sale for $49.99 (includes shipping). Its circumference is 21 inches, the exterior is navy blue velvet, and the inside is lined with royal blue satin. Click here:

This 1940's black and chocolate colored hat was custom made by Laddie Northridge in New York. It's available here for $59.99 (includes shipping): I love hats with veils!

This 3/4 length vintage coat is a lovely shade of green, and available for $39.99 including shipping here: It's size M-L (Ladies). See the Etsy listing for more photos.

Add these sheer white gloves to an outfit for a dainty touch. They're listed as size XS-S, and are available here for $9.99 (includes shipping):

Sustainable Wearable Art has many more vintage items for sale along with handmade jewelry. If you'd like to be eco-friendly and still have fun with your wardrobe, definitely browse around!

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