Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Eclectic Mix of Accessories

This vintage skeleton key necklace with antiqued brass mechanical bat wings and hourglass charm is absolutely gorgeous! The wings flutter while you wear it, which makes this lovely necklace even more interesting. COGnitive Creations is selling the necklace for $75 on Etsy. Go here for more information: There are over 150 other beautiful works of art for sale on COGnitive Creations's Etsy store too.

Add ImageThis stunning necklace named "The Keeper" is both elegant and nostalgic. Three different eras are brought together in this piece - the art deco pocket watch in the center is from the 1940's, the smoky chandelier prism is from the 1920's, and the skeleton keys are from the Victorian era. The necklace is available for $86 on Etsy at the Opulent Oddities store. Click here: Opulent Oddities also has over 100 other items for sale, so I recommend browsing around the store.

This lovely Steampunk pocket watch necklace is available for $34 on Etsy at Stars Dreams and Jewels's store. The pocket watch case is filled with watch gears, wheels, and vintage watch part tidbits encased in resin. Go here for the listing: Stars Dreams and Jewels also has almost 100 other items for sale. Jeanne, the artist/seller, often reuses packaging materials to help the environment and to lower shipping costs to customers.

TheSnag is selling flower hair pins on Etsy for $7. Go here for one of the listings: Each flower pin is made from 100% recycled bicycle innertube and chain links! TheSnag also has many other items made from recycled materials available on Etsy, so I recommend browsing around. Also, visit their new Etsy store, TheInnerWorks ( I love the eco cuffs and these earrings:

This captivating pendant featuring an eye peering through an old-fashioned keyhole is made out of a bottle cap, and is available for purchase on Pir8t's Etsy store for $8. Go here for the Etsy listing: Randi, the artist, creates many of her pendants using recycled (and some new) bottle caps, her own drawings, images from magazines and collages, and miscellaneous materials. She also has over 100 other items for sale on Etsy and her own website ( where you can also purchase items.

This necklace features a pendant made out of olive green glass from a broken reclaimed soda bottle from the late 1800's. It's available for $64 on Etsy at the Bottled Up Designs store. Click here for the listing: Artist Laura Bergman reclaims antique glass and bottles from the woods and rural farmland for the sake of the environment and wildlife. In addition to this necklace, she has plenty of other beautiful items for sale on Etsy.

This darling ring features two vintage buttons, one clear and one blue. Creative Castaways is selling the ring for only $6.50 (including shipping) on Etsy. Go here for more info: Creative Castaways has over 90 other items for sale as well. Many of the items are under $10.

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