Saturday, December 18, 2010

Latest Craft

Here's a headband I made for a steampunk event earlier this month. It consists of an artificial rose, black feathers, an antique doll, an antique watch dial, a vintage cabochon, barrette, and a headband. After gluing the smaller parts, I attached the barrette to a black headband I had. It ended up working well, and I like how it can either be a headband or a barrette.

Steampunk headband with antique doll, feathers, artificial rose, black feathers, and antique watch dial

Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing my Etsy Shop

I recently set up an Etsy shop called SecondhandPassion. Here's a link:

The items I am selling are either upcycled, vintage, or a mixture of both. There are items for men and women, and more items should be up soon. I'm also in the process of putting together a recycled art and fashion site. As soon as it's up and ready to show, I'll blog about it. :)

This is a sampling of the items that are available:

upcycled black woven swing coat made by Rampage
This is an adorable black woven swing coat made by Rampage that comes with two glamorous pins that give it an Old Hollywood sort of feel. A lovely trim decorates the edge of the collar and the tops of the pockets. The coat ties in the front with a black ribbon. There are no size tags, but this would best fit someone who wears a size small or medium. Aside from the ribbon, the coat is open in the front and has a pleated back, so there is flexibility when it comes to sizing.

Measurements (taken flat) -
18" from the top of the collar to the hem
14" shoulders
22" sleeves

One of the pins is a repurposed earring that has been glued onto a pin. The pin has a top piece that is mostly black plastic and an attached bottom silver piece with a light blue tear-drop shaped stone that hangs down. Marcasite stones adorn the pin on both the top and bottom. It measures approximately 1 3/4" tall.

The other pin was made from a rhinestone brooch from the 1950s (or perhaps earlier) that was glued onto a pin. The metal is aged and has beautiful glimmering stones. The stone in the center is 1/2" in diameter and is surrounded by a filigree design. 7 3/8" rhinestones surround the larger stone, and there are 7 7/32" rhinestones with flower-petal settings on the outside.

Both pins were assembled with non-toxic silicone glue, so not only will you be wearing recycled clothing, but you'll also be helping out the planet by choosing items made with non-toxic glue.

The pins are removable for easy cleaning, and they can be placed anywhere on the jacket and on other clothing articles as well.

Selling for $40 plus shipping here:

Westclox Bull's Eye pocket watch
This is a Westclox Bull's Eye pocket watch from the 1950's or perhaps earlier. 2" diameter. Connected to a 32" metal chain and 20 mm solid brass (nickle free) jump ring. The jump ring was hand finished by Supply Pusher ( in an antiqued/oxidized patina.

The watch no longer runs, but it makes for a great accessory. There are a couple of cracks in the plastic, but aside from that, it's in good condition.

Selling for $20 here:

beaded necklace with light pink, iridescent, and silverish beads and antique skeleton key
This is a beautiful beaded necklace comprised of light pink, iridescent, and silverish beads that were found at a yard sale and an antique key that is connected by a 20 mm solid brass (nickle free) jump ring. The jump ring was hand finished in an antiqued/oxidized patina by Supply Pusher (

Necklace measures 17" long.

The antique key is approximately 2 3/4" tall. It was made in the late 1800's or early 1900's, and shows signs of age. Very nostalgic!

Selling for $20 plus shipping here:

black leather purse with red vintage Swarovski Austrian crystal cabochons and antique watch parts
This is a black leather purse that has been decorated with red vintage Swarovski Austrian crystal cabochons and old watch parts. The dial and gears, which date back to the late 1800's or early 1900's, are the oldest of the watch parts. In the center of the purse is a white porcelain watch face dial by New Era. The 1 3/4" dial has cracks and chipping that give it character, and the gears show signs of age as well. The numbers on the dial are in Roman numerals. The larger of the two cabochons is 10 mm and the smaller is 6 mm. The smaller watch parts range in color from silver to gold to yellow. The metal watch face has an iridescent shine.

The purse measures 8" x 6", has a middle and back compartment, and hangs down 31" by a leather strap.

Selling for $20 plus shipping here:

black cloche hat with watch dial pin
This adorable 100 percent wool cloche hat from H&M has a velvet bow on the side. Bill is 1 3/4" (approximately). 23" circumference. I added a Fortuna watch dial that is from either the late 1800's or early 1900's to the bow. The watch dial is attached to a pin with non-toxic, silicone glue. The dial still has its hands, and it has chips and cracks that give it character. The pin is removable, and can be placed on other locations on the hat or on other clothing articles.

Brand - Divided
Size - One size

Selling for $25 plus shipping here:

fedora with peacock feather, antique watch dial, and doll eye pinHere's a quirky, classy fedora that is sure to get some looks!

The pin features 3 peacock feathers attached to an antique pocket watch dial that dates back anywhere from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and a silver plated brooch pin base. Glued onto the watch dial are a gear from an antique watch and an antique glass doll eye from Thuringia, Germany. The entire pin including the feathers measures about 6" high. It was constructed using silicone glue, which is non-toxic, and a hot glue gun. Additional glue was placed on the back of the watch dial to protect the hat from sharp parts on the dial.

The black fedora is by Obey Propaganda, and is in excellent condition. 100 percent wool. Striped lining. 23" circumference.

The hat is very versatile. You can tone it down by removing the pin if you'd like.

Selling for $40 plus shipping here:

More to come!