Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Never Know What Amazing Things You'll Find in Antique Shops

San Juan Bautista antique shop
Visiting antique shops can be quite the adventure. Many times, shoppers are able to find items that are still in style today despite being from decades ago.

A great town for antique shopping is San Juan Bautista, California, located in Central California, east of the Monterey Bay Area. Filled with quaint shops and historic buildings, San Juan Bautista is an excellent place to visit.

These are some treasures I found while browsing shops this past fall:

vintage 1960s veiled hat with spider pinsI fell for this hat! I love the spider pins.

Egyptian trunk in San Juan BautistaAn Egyptian trunk.


  1. The old shop has a strange, romantic feeling....I love It!!!

  2. I just got that trunk off of craigslist for 59 bucks. It retails at just under $'s better looking in person. I would have paid more