Monday, December 19, 2011

Items for $20 and Less

More mark downs have occurred over the past few days! These items are available in the Secondhand Passion Etsy shop for $20 and under:

pearl, coral rose, cabochon, and watch dial Victorian inspired barrettePearl, rose, and watch dial barrette available here.

blue beaded skeleton key necklace with authentic skeleton keyBeaded necklace with authentic antique skeleton key available here.

filigree necklace with antique skeleton keyFiligree necklace with authentic antique skeleton key necklace available here.

vintage Westclox pocket watch with chainWestclox Bull's Eye vintage pocket watch with chain available here.

Don't forget to use coupon code HOL2011 at checkout to save 20% through December 25, 2011.

Also, there have been mark downs on clothing items as well! Browse around for great deals here.

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